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Internet has emerged as a serious tool to develop and run your business by dealing and building relationships with clients over the Web over a last few years. The only way to grasp market and grow your business in this cut throat competition is by providing what a consumer wants. Web marketplace is no exception to this. Web is a compelling weapon for marketing, branding, advertising and eventually the most important, selling. This requires constant attention of customers and prospects. The question arises here is, from where do we get these prospective customers? Well, one of the answer could be, we ask web visitors to subscribe to our newsletters, to submit a form when requesting information on products. This data needs to be stored in a way, such that it can be processed, filtered and used immediately or in future. This whole process from getting people to log in, make inquiries, shop using shopping carts are some or the other forms of website widgets. Thus, these widgets are one of the most basic requirement, to make your presence be felt in the vast online marketplace. Although, Web applications are now omnipresent, but due to their complexity they are highly misunderstood phenomenon in our daily cyber life.

Web, in technical sense of term, is a complex programmable environment that can be tailor-made using a number of applications, to millions of users world-wide. This basically involves two components, Websites and Web Browsers, that are availbe at almost no expense to users. Web browsers are application program that provides a way to look at and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web. Gone are the days when websites were merely a bunch of static pages linked with each other, providing information that in any way cannot be altered. Modern web pages allows us to create total dynamic animation and contents based on individual choices and preferences. They also allow to run client side scripts that turn our browser into an interface for such applications (for instance , Gmail). Web applications are widely used to get a hands on data, storing, processing, filtering and broadcasting subtle customer data for use. These data can be captured through sign up, support and product request forms, shopping carts etc and can be used to shape your business. Web applications perform their task irrespective of underlying operating system and browsers running client side. So, these Websites operates by fetching data from server dynamically and display the data on browser acting as interface. Wikipedia brilliantly terms the web browser as the "universal client for any web application". As the span of businesses getting benefited from web increases, so will the use of web applications. Moreover, intranet and extranet has helped bringing up organization's communication through web applications, broadening their scope and possibility of technological complexity and prowess.

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